A sweet family reunion! | Photographer Camp Lejeune

I had the pleasure of documenting beautiful milestones for the Volk family. First, the arrival of their sweet little boy. Second, a special homecoming! I know how hard it can be for families to be separated and I personally believe it is even more difficult with children. Although it can be a challenging time, nothing is more exciting than counting down the days until a loved one returns!

It was a very cold night aboard Camp Lejeune, complete with some freezing rain, but it was definitely worth it! I got to hang out and watch little man smile, talk and blow raspberries (which was my favorite). He has definitely grown into quite the little ham =) Before you know it, the buses were just a few moments away and we were anxiously waiting for them in the freezing rain. It is an amazing feeling that overwhelms you when you see a family reunited and I am so happy that I was able to capture it. Here are a few of my favorite images from the night!

With love,


Happy mother and child awaiting the arrival of their Marine - Pleasantly Captured PhotographyP I N Happy little boy in Aggies hat awaiting his fatherP I N Mother and son send a selfie to their Marine while awaiting his arrival - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Photographer NCP I N Mother and son sitting and waiting for the arrival of their marine - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Homecoming photographer NCP I N Mother and son waiting in rain for their Marine Pleasantly Captured Photography - Camp Lejeune PhotographerP I N Marine is reunited with his wife and son - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Photographer Camp Lejeune P I N Marine greets his son - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Jacksonville NC PhotographerP I N Happy family is reunited - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Photographer Jacksonville NCP I N Marine smiles as he holds his son - Pleasantly Captured Photography - Photographer Camp LejeuneP I N



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